my photo projects
— Examples of photos by professional photographer
Photography service in Amsterdam,
Tilda Publishing
LUMO clothing store project
Work for a clothing store Lumo Complex service package Visual for Instagram.
Preparation, creation of a moodboard. Studio catalog photography, catalog photography The City Locations, retouching and creating an Instagram tape.
Tilda Publishing
Promotion shooting
These are my photographic works for the cosmetic clinic DR.estetvel, the purpose of which was to demonstrate the different types of services of the clinic
how it was
Tilda Publishing
co-working space Bird & Bird.
Real Estate photography. Work in the co-working space Bird & Bird. The rooms are photographed with special wide-angle optics, the pictures are created for posting on the website.
Tilda Publishing
Instagram blog about minimalism.
Package visual for Instagram.
Works for an expert Instagram blog about minimalism and space organization. Preparation, creation of a mood board, studio photography in several images, shooting at a working location, retouching.
Tilda Publishing
promo shooting 32 Jazz
I conducted a photo shoot for 32 Jazz Bar, a one-of-a-kind establishment renowned for its exceptional cocktails and outstanding jazz concerts featuring various talented musicians. Our aim was to capture and convey the ambiance and mood of this unique venue through the images taken..
Tilda Publishing
Social media visual
Work for an expert blog on psychoanalysis.
A comprehensive service visual package for Instagram. Preparation, creation of a moodboard, studio photography in several images, shooting at urban locations, retouching, creating an Instagram feed.
Tilda Publishing
LAMPA restaurant
Works for the advertising Instagram account of the LAMPA restaurant, it was necessary to photograph the dishes, as well as create photographs that revealed the mood and character of the institution, #hookah, #relaxation #chill.
Tilda Publishing
event for the New_com_ua company
Reportage thematic photography of the business networking event for the New_com_ua company. The main task of this photo shoot is to convey the course of the event, as well as the mood and emotions of the guests.
Tilda Publishing
Odessa Mama restaurant
Work for the commercial Instagram account of the restaurant Odessa Mama, a photo shoot to show the cuisine of the institution, as well as the color and mood of Odessa.
Tilda Publishing
wine Ratlivisi of the LAWINE series
Works for the wine producer Ratlivisi of the LAWINE series.
It was necessary to play with the mood of the product in different life stories. There were three photo shoots for the advertising account on Instagram
Tilda Publishing
New Year family photo shoot
New Year's photography in a studio with studio lighting, for a family of three with preliminary recommendations for pictures. The main task of such photo shoots is to capture the moment of warmth and closeness of family relationships, which remains a family memory.
Tilda Publishing
Photo day at the location
Photo day at the location.
It was an interesting task, my duties included the formation of a location with the participation of decorative objects, for a mini portrait photo session for a group of girls.
Tilda Publishing
Mini photo session mom + baby.
Mini photo session mom + baby. This photo session aims to show the incredible very close connection between mother and baby, it is done in a slightly ethnic style, without frilly extras.
Tilda Publishing
photo shoot to celebrate the birthday.
A family photo shoot to celebrate the birthday of the youngest princess, and it was a day the parents decided to capture in photos. The photo shoot took a few hours, during which we had time to take pictures with cake, and real emotions.
Tilda Publishing
expert blog marketing.
Visual for instagram.
Work for expert marketing blog, preparation, creating a mood board, studio shooting in several images, shooting in urban locations, retouching, creating Instagram feed.
Tilda Publishing
My mission was to conduct a captivating reportage photo shoot for a showroom, with the goal of capturing the establishment's unique ambiance and showcasing the diverse array of products available.